I am a software engineer and project architect with a variety of creative skills.

I develop Web applications, Unix tools, and cross-platform desktop applications for Macintosh and Windows. I also enjoy business process design, process automation, data design, and creating developer tools and utilities.

I know the product development lifecycle. I have shipped dozens of shrink-wrapped products and other complex projects for employers and clients.

I understand business unit operations. I have served as leader of software and Web project teams, a publishing executive, and co-founder and CTO of three small companies. I value the people who work for me and treat them well.

I write readable source code and prose, edit thoughtfully, and produce excellent technical documentation. I practice careful configuration management, backup, and archiving. I aim for permanence, sustainability, maintainability, reusability, and localizability. I operate effectively in teams and alone.

I plan and implement IP networking. I have designed, set up, and operated secure LAN/WAN/VPN network infrastructure and Web colocation facilities for several companies.

I build or find the right tools for the job. I work efficiently.

I love data-driven tools and applications, and the interwoven arts of data model design, data massage, data hygiene, and application design.

I design with people in mind, always considering the entire user experience.

I believe in elegance, simplicity, and beautiful visual design. I am a big fan of the Macintosh and other examples of excellent user interface.

I advocate and rely upon Open Source operating systems, programming languages, and tools, including Linux, Darwin, Perl, Apache, mod_perl, Embperl, mysql, Emacs, ssh, rsync, and many others. I am proficient in most graphic arts and desktop productivity tools.

I contribute actively to the Open Source community.

I feel that creating software is my calling and my craft. I like to strengthen my own skills by teaching others.


My Bio details my background and interests.

My Projects page offers a tour of my active Open Source projects.