Active Open Source Projects


Data::CTable is a comprehensive utility for reading, writing, manipulating, cleaning and otherwise transforming tabular data. Includes several illustrative subclasses and utility scripts.

DBIx::TableHash is a perl module that ties a hash to a DBI/mysql table or slice of the table, along with some methods to build SQL for common database operations, returning data in convenient structures.

Module::Reload::Selective is a perl module for selectively reloading a module and all of its dependencies at run-time, based on flexible criteria. Also supports multiple developers on the same machine keeping and reloading private copies of certain modules under active development while getting others from standard library locations.

Apache::PrettyText is a simple Apache mod_perl handler for making served text files look a little better than they might otherwise. Converts the text file to HTML: makes the background white, extracts a reasonable title, escapes HTML special characters, detabs, wraps everything in a PRE tag, and makes URLs “hot”.


PRegEx is a powerful, free, Open Source Xtra that brings PCRE Regular expressions and many other other Perl-like features to Lingo, the programming language of Macromedia Director. is a site I created to promote Open Source Xtras in general and PRegEx in particular.

Project Diary

For a summary of past projects I’ve worked on for employers or clients, view my Project Diary or click linked company names on my Bio page.